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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The back forty-a.k.a. bourbon lemonade

Adult guests.  We get overly excited.  And by we, I mean, me.  I made a quadruple batch of margaritas and this.  For 5 adults.  At lunch time.  OK, so maybe we need to get out more.

I initially made this as suggested in the NY times, but quickly realized there was a reason that Deb made it less strong.  This drink definitely still has a kick, but it is refreshing and appealing to the non bourbon liker.  Definitely a way to help me get rid of the bourbon in our house!  Unfortunately I'm still on a quest to home make big Y's sweet bourbon steak sticks, so I think there will be a lot more bourbon to get rid of in house until I get it right...

Back Forty
Adapted from the New York Times

10 tablespoons maple syrup
12 ounces bourbon
12 ounce lemon juice
30 dashes orange bitters
Lime wedge for garnish.
In a cocktail shaker, mix syrup with 4 tablespoons hot water. Add bourbon, lemon juice and bitters. Add ice and shake. Strain drink over ice in glass. Garnish.
Yield: 6 drinks.

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