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Monday, March 21, 2011

Staff Dressing

OK, so this dressing was so delicious!  We got the French Laundry Cookbook from the library recently, and I have to say, most of that book was just inaccessible to me.  So many of the components require so much time to prepare, like making 2 different stocks from veal then combining as a sauce for a dish, it's just not practical for the limited time we have.  But this- this I could manage.

Staff dressing
from Keller's French Laundry Cookbook

 1 tbsp chopped gartlic
1 ½ tsp chopped shallots
(2tbsp +1tsp)Dijon Mustard
 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
 1 large egg yolk*
 2 cups canola oil

*if you are immunosuppressed (kids under a year, elderly, transplant, etc etc) please substitute 1 tablespoon mayonnaise.  Salmonella is rare but no joke.

Place the garlic, shallots, vinegar and mustard in a blender and blend until well combined. Add the egg yolk and blend again. With the blender on slow drizzle the oil in until the dressing is thick and emulsified. It will thicken and the octave of the blender will change.  (you'll get it when you hear it)  Season with (1/2 tsp) salt and pepper. You can refrigerate in a covered container for a week.

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